[Let’s Talk: Movies] Yu-gi-oh: Darkside of dimensions

The latest movie in the Yugioh franchise hit theaters, with the original 4kids cast back in their roles. Excitement was high in the theater as the movie started, so did it hold up to expectations?

Yes, and no.

Let’s be honest with ourselves here, the entire movie was one large batch of fanservice. From including small things like Joey in a dog suit for a part time job or the legions of fangirls following Bakura around, to larger things like the inclusion of the Millennium Ring and the evil spirit inside of it into a plot that quite honestly didn’t need it.

The story begins a few years after the final battle between Yugi Motou and the Pharaoh. Unable to accept his previous losses without dueling the pharaoh one more time, Kaiba sends a dig team to find the pieces of of the Millennium puzzle. While this is happening, in the scenes with Yugi we are introduced to the movie’s antagonist ‘Aigami’, or Diva. He controls a mysterious power known as the plana that either has the power to bring peace to the world or destroy it. What is Diva’s goal? Well, it’s to use the power of the plana to reign in an era of peace. However, his goals and ideals have been warped by fear and anger. Anger at the evil spirit inside the Millennium Ring [or more specifically, Bakura] for killing his master and fear of the Pharaoh returning and eliminating the power of the plana for good.

To say much more would get us into severe spoiler territory, so I’ll refrain from diving into more details about the plot. The duels themselves were fast paced, over the top, completely against the rules of the real card game and exciting. Everything you’ve come to expect from the Yugioh franchise.

The english dub, produced by 4kids entertainment was a joy to hear. They added in a lot of the original soundtrack from the dub. The cast included all the original voice actors from the series coming back to reprise their roles.  Daniel J. Edward did an amazing job as Aigami, from the meek personality he presents as Aigami to the true evil and tainted nature he presents as Diva. I look forward to seeing more from him as an actor in the future.

Overall, the movie is just an enjoyable experience and I strongly urge anyone who was a fan of the original Yugioh series to give it a watch just for a fun trip down memory lane!


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