[Let’s Talk: Anime] Funimation Simuldub Winter 2017 Week 4

Funimation just keeps the season rolling. Almost all of the simuldubs have premiered with just a few more shows to go. This has been a week with some of the strongest cast announcements that are getting me excited for shows that I was originally indifferent too. So, let’s dive into what else is in store.

handshakersHandshakers (Airing Sundays at 9:00pm)
I have no idea what to make of this show. Part of me thinks it’s an ugly show while another part of me is interested in the relationships of the characters. It doesn’t help that one of my favorite actors has been announced for the dub and that just intrigues me even more. I’ll try to stay open minded, but I’m going in with cautious optimism.

maxresdefault1Chaos; Child (Airing Mondays at 9:30pm)
I have never seen the dub of Chaos;Head. I had seen the whole thing in Japanese and it was one of the few times where I didn’t care much for the cast they had announced. Some of that cast is returning for this as well so I’m not really looking forward to it. I’m giving every show a chance, but I don’t see myself sticking with this one.

monstergirlsInterview with Monster Girls (Airing Wednesdays at 9:30pm)
I’ve been rather indifferent about this show from what I’ve seen so far. However, the actresses they have cast are usually adorable and I enjoy seeing them in cute, slice of life shows. From what I’ve seen, fans say the show is starting to pick up a bit. It does have the potential to be charming and I would love to see that.

accaAcca (Airing Thursdays at 9:30 pm)
This has so far been my favorite show this season and it’s shaping up to be my favorite cast. Austin Tindle as Jean is perfect casting and I am beyond anxious to see him. Not only him, just everyone in this cast seems like they will be incredible. Acca is certainly one of the titles they are pushing to be ¬†watched this season and I agree with that 100%.

Next week will be the last week of cast announcements unless Funimation adds anymore titles. I’m excited to see the last few shows getting dubs and get the season into full swing. Have you checked out any of these dubs? Let me know if I’m missing out on anything!


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