[Let’s Talk: Movies] Sailor Moon R: Promise of the Rose

Sailor Moon R: Promise of the Rose first released in 1993 was the first of the 3 Sailor Moon movies. 24 years later, it hits theaters again digitally remastered and with a brand new dub cast.

Sailor Moon was a large part of many anime fan’s childhoods, so it was a big deal when Viz announced they would not only be handling the rights and dubbing of the new Sailor Moon Crystal series. They would also be redubbing the original series. Then during their latest Moonlight party, as we viewed the first part of the Sailor Moon S dub with members of the cast they dropped a huge announcement on us. Not only would they be dubbing the movies, but they would be bringing them to theaters!
They would also be releasing the special that preceded the movie entitled “Make Up! Sailor Guardian” for the first time ever in the states.

Of course, each member of the Viz cast comes back to reprise their roles as the Sailor Guardians and Mamoru Chiba. However, we have two new inclusions to the cast in the form of the villains. Fiore, alien childhood friend of Mamoru’s who has returned with the intention of making good on a promise to return and give flowers to Mamoru in return for a rose that Mamoru gave him when they were children and the Xenian blossom, an evil flower that is corrupting Fiore’s heart and is out to destroy earth as it’s destroyed many planets before it.

Fiore is voiced by Ben Diskin, who has previously played Sai on Naruto and Joseph Joestar in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. His acting is absolutely phenomenal, from the subtle moments that Fiore is in his right mind and talking as the kind gentle person that he actually is, to the moments he’s completely under the influence of the Xenian blossom and acting insane and possessive. He nails the performance.

The Xenian blossom is voiced by Carrie Keranen, whose previous roles include Satsuki in Kill la Kill and Mami Tomoe in Madoka Magica. Carrie blows this performance out of the water, the Xenian flower is pure evil and should make you feel chills and that’s the exact feeling I got from her performance.

Overall, the movie was an absolute joy to watch, and as a long time Sailor Moon fan I am thrilled to see such passionate actors behind the microphones.


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