[Let’s Talk: Anime] Funimation Simuldub Winter 2017 Week 5

The final casts have been announced and what a mixed bag it is.  We have everything from the titles most fans are enjoying this season to a few that fans aren’t quite sure what to make of. But that’s part of the fun of these simuldubs. It allows viewers to take a second approach and take a look at a show that maybe they wouldn’t enjoy otherwise. So without further ado, let’s jump into the last announcements for this season.

masamunekunMasamune-Kun’s Revenge (Airing Mondays at 9:30pm)
I cannot begin to explain my fascination with this show. I know the premise is shallow and the story is vapid, but I still find the characters interesting and entertaining. It’s quickly becoming my favorite show this season. So I was beyond excited when I saw the cast list for this show. The entire cast is incredible and some of my favorite actors at Funimation. I’m genuinely excited to check it out!

chaincronicleChain Chronicle (Airing Tuesdays at 9:00pm)
While I can’t say I’m necessarily excited for the show, the cast does have me more interested to check it out than I originally was. I will say that such a large cast does have me concerned. These fantasy stories will either focus on a smaller group or have so many characters it’s difficult to keep track and this certainly seems to be the latter. I do like fantasy shows, so I’ll give it a look but I going with with essentially no expectations.

dragonmaidjcMiss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid (Airing Wednesdays at 10:00pm)
By far the most adorable title this season, Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid is a simple story of a young dragon and young woman living together. It’s funny and charming and everything to expect from a Kyoto Animation title. The cast looks promising as well, but this dub will also be relying on how the comedy translates. Jamie Marchi is know for being an adaptive writer, more focused and making sure it reaches the broadest audience possible, and doesn’t always make direct translations. This might help the humor or hurt the humor, it’s hard to say.

pierrot-presenta-trailer-del-anime-eldliveelDlive (Airing Thursdays at 9:00pm)
This is a cast predominately new comers or unknowns. This is not always a bad thing, but it does tend to create a certain expectations amongst fans. It doesn’t help that this is one of the weaker titles this season, so it sort of seems like this has been relegated to a “B-team” cast. While I don’t particularly care for the show, I do think it’s fair to check out all the casts and all the shows because you never know when a cast will surprise you.

That’s going to warp it up for the simuldub season. It’s a pretty light one, so it should be easy to check out the shows and see what sticks. It’s always fun for me to see new talent and returning favorites and that’s why simuldubs mean so much to me. What have you guys had a chance to check out? Let me know what casts or shows have stuck with you so far.



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