[Let’s Talk: Anime] Akiba’s Trip Dub

The otaku paradise of Akiba is under attack! Dangerous beings are turning normal every day otaku into bugged ones, slaves to fight in their never ending battle. Matome tries to fight against these beings, but she can’t do it alone. With the help of her own “accidental” bugged one, Tomotsu, they will strip down any enemies to keep the city safe.

These are the things that really show the entertaining absurdity anime can be.
The two leads of this cast are brought to the states by Alejandro Saab and Jad Saxton. Saab does an incredible job of being an outlandish and over the top anime fan. He’s hilarious and ridiculous, making Tamotsu an entertaining caricature of at3an otaku. To balance him out, Saxton’s no nonsense performance as Matome is perfect. She hasn’t chosen the best partner because it was more about immediate situation and circumstance, so trying to make him work with her is more challenging than she could have imagined. However, the two play off each other very well and create an entertaining dynamic as the duo fight against other bugged ones.

It’s not just the leads that make this show funny.

What really works about this show is the rather generic humor. Most of the at2references to music, anime, or video games are simplified or given a parody like name. This allows those watching to get the jokes even if they’ve never seen the series that is being referenced. In the first episode, Tamotsu talks about finding a rare figuring that is some kind of Kamen Rider parody. Even for those who don’t follow Kamen Rider, many will still recognize them as the western name Power Rangers so the joke of a fan obsessed with the series will still hold. It allows viewers to sort of interpret the humor in their own way.

But there is one thing that everyone can interpret the same way and that is the fan service.

This honestly doesn’t detract from the show at all. It does help to know going in that the premise of the story centers around removing the clothes of enemies. The viewers know going in that there’s not a whole lot of substance to expect from the show. However, it also doesn’t make the show less entertaining. There’s not really that much fan service, so it really doesn’t pull from the story anyway.

at1Akiba’s Trip is a fun and entertaining story with a strong dub to back it up. The performances enhance the humor from the parodies and subtle references. It does nothing to hide that this show is about fan service, jokes, and nothing any deeper than that. It’s a perfect way to check out this franchise for those who couldn’t get into the games.

Akiba’s Trip is airing Wednesdays at 9:00am on Funimation.com


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