[Let’s Talk: Anime] Hell Girl Dub

Hell Girl is a 2005 anime produced by Aniplex and Studio Deen, it was dubbed by Funimation in 2007. However, they soon lost the rights to the series and none of the sequels were ever dubbed.

Hell Girl is a story about revenge at it’s core. If it is right or wrong, and the price that has to be paid for revenge. When Hell Girl is called, she leaves the person who summoned her with a straw doll with a red thread around it’s neck. If they truly wish revenge, they pull the red string and the soul of their tormentor will be whisked away to hell. However, there is always a price. When the person who pulls the string dies, their soul shall also belong to hell. The show has a small cast of characters Ai Enma, The Hell Girl and her 3 assistants, it also includes reporter Hajime Shibata and his daughter Tsugumi make up the entirety of the main cast. This isn’t taking into account the ‘victim of the week’ style structure.

ai_2Ai Enma, also known as ‘Hell Girl’ is voiced by Brina  Palencia. Through much of the series, Ai’s tone is monotone and indifferent if not a little listless at times. Brina plays this part perfectly, but she really shines in the series finally when Ai begins to exact her own revenge against the people who have wronged her. She plays Ai’s anger perfectly and delivers a chilling performance.

Working against Hell Girl, trying to prove that revenge is wrong is journalist Hajime Shibata, played by John Burgmeier. Shibata gets very easily worked up, and John plays each and every moment wonderfully. He makes the character very belivable. I could probably rant for hours about how much I adore the way he plays Shibata, but to save some time i’ll say that I believe it would bein my top three John Burgmeier performances and is definately worth checking out.

Overall, Hell Girl is a wonderful series that I highly reccomend with a great dub and I find it sad that we’ll never see the other seasons with an English cast.


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