[Let’s Talk: Anime] ACCA 13- Territory Inspection Dept Simuldub

ACCA has been one of the most stand out titles of the winter season. From its gorgeous animation to the intriguing political story, MadHouse is delivering a very strong show even in the first few episodes. These were probably what appealed to Funimation to pick up the show for simuldubbing and they have not disappointed. In addition to being an incredible show, this is also the strongest dub to come out this season. Each character is cast perfectly and each new episode brings another incredible performance that is a joy to look forward to every week.

jean2Leading this power house case is the ever talented Austin Tindle. What’s wonderful about his performance as Jean is the subtlety of the role. Jean is a rather low key character thus far, but at the same time it’s not as though he doesn’t care. Rather, he’s just unaware of many of the things happening around him. That is challenged as Jean becomes more involved with the political discourse of ACCA and the country. Tindle’s lower voice is perfect since it compliments Jean’s personality without making him seem bland or just monotone. It’s clear there is something more to Jean than just his laid back attitude and it will be exciting to where he goes from here.

ninoPart of the intrigue of the show is the fact that Jean is being tailed by his friend Nino, played by Christopher Bevins. This is one of the better roles in the show since Bevin’s character will switch at the drop of a hat. One moment, Nino will be having some drinks with Jean and then he’ll be reporting Jean’s actions to one of the leaders of ACCA. Bevin’s plays this wonderful dichotomy which actually makes it very difficult to tell if Nino really cares about Jean or not. Sometimes he seems like he’s trying to warn Jean to keep his guard up while other times he’s interrogating Jean’s sister to see what other information he can get. It will be interesting to see Nino’s true colors as the series goes on.

As for the support cast, there’s just far too many to name off one by one. The talent behind this project is incredible. From new actors that have been gaining momentum to returning favorites, everyone can find someone to enjoy in the cast list. With such a large collection of characters, it seems there are new ones cropping up every week. However, none of the performances feel like a throw away. It doesn’t matter if it’s the spoiled prince of the country or a bright eyed member of ACCA from episode one. They’re all well done and even leave a lasting impression for that character once their story line has ended.

ACCA shows that Funimation is growing each season in the craft of simuldubbing.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a lead character or a one time side plot character, each role is being given the proper time it deserves as opposed to just rushing out a dub. It’s great to see the level of care being taken with these simuldubs.It’s not just an attempt to get a dub out faster or to compete with subbed versions. ACCA has certainly one of the shows that is proving the staying power of simuldubs and that Funimation will only continue to perfect this with each season.

accaAs for ACCA itself, this is a must watch for anyone checking out anime this season. Great characters and stellar art are now complimented with a top notch cast that is going to keep growing and getting better each week. Fans of political stories will definately enjoy this series and those looking for something a little different this season will certainly find a stand out title.

ACCA 13-Territory Inspection Dept airs Thursday nights at 9:30pm on Funimation.com.


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