[Let’s talk: Dubs] Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

Kyoto animations’s newest anime, Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid is a quirky show about Kobayashi an office worker who one day after getting drunk encounters a dragon, saves it’s life and invites it to stay in her home. The anime follows her, her dragon maid Tohru and many other quirky characters.

The show is a comedy with a fantasy/slice of life twist. The episodes range from things as simple as visiting other people’s houses, to our characters going to Comitkit. The dragons learn more about the humans of our world and their oddities. The best part is, while primarily a comedy it still doesn’t shy away from talking about deep or thought provoking subjects such as becoming an adult or what it is about popular culture that draws people together.

The main characters, Kobayashi and Tohru are voiced by Leah Clark and Sarah Wiedenheft. Leah’s performance as Kobayashi is a fun one. She is able to hit a lot of the characters nuances from the cynical and snarky side of the character to the part that will spring into Otaku mode and gush about maids in excited tones. I have to give her credit for always being able to play Kobayashi’s drunk scenes without going overboard.
Sarah’s performance as Tohru is an absolute joy as well. From the hyperactive cute maid form to the bitter jealous dragon who occasionally hates humanity, she displays a great range of emotions. Her voice makes Tohru absolutely adorable as well!

A18807-3379006205.1481158128The side cast also shines in this show. Actors Jad Saxton, Jamie Marchi,  and Garret Storms all perform wonderfully as the dragons that they have been cast as. Jad’s performance as the small girl dragon Kanna is absolutely precious. Garret Storms as the cynical, human hating dragon Fafnir nails the character’s attitude towards everything. Fafnir was my favorite dragon from the moment of his appearance and I think a lot of that comes from Garret’s portrayal of him.
Last is Jamie Marchi as Quetzalcoatl. Her laid back but flirty tone fits the character very well in particular in the scenes where she is interacting with the small child she decided to appear in front of through a summoning circle.

Honestly, if you’re looking for a lighter anime with a good sense of humor, fun characters and pretty animation. Then this is the show you’re looking for, I’d highly recommend it.

The show is simualcasting on Crunchyroll and being simualdubbed by Funimation Entertainment.


One thought on “[Let’s talk: Dubs] Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

  1. After hearing so many positives reviews of this I fianlly checked out the first episode. It actually is really cute and nicey done but it definitely isn’t my thing.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it.


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