[Let’s Talk: Anime]Masamune-Kun’s Revenge

A young man spends his entire life trying to physically better himself for one reason:revenge. After being horribly rejected as a child, Masamune Makabe plans a massive revenge scheme against the one who hurt him so much. He learns that girl, Aki Adagaki, is attending the school he recently transferred to. Feeling this is the perfect opportunity, Masamune springs his plan into action: make Aki fall in love with him only to horribly reject her and reveal himself as the boy she rejected all those years ago. However, nothing ever goes as planned and Masamune finds himself having to deal with protective maids, other girls, and his own emotions.
At the head of this cast is Josh Grelle as Masamune. He’s absolutely incredible, creating a wonderful array of┬ápersonas for Masamune. From a suave playboy to a dork who thinks manga is the ultimate source of romantic information, Josh absolutely nails every aspect masamunekunof Masamune’s personality. There’s also something very personable about his performance. While Masamune is going to an extreme length for his revenge, in a strange way it’s easy to relate to him because deep down he’s just a kid trying to cope with something that really hurt him in the past. Those emotional cues crop up in the show from time to time and Josh excels there as well. It’s a dynamic, well rounded performance that will hook fans from start to finish.

Opposite of Masamune is the Ice Queen herself Aki, played by Morgan Garrett. She is the masamunekun2perfect complement to Josh’s performance. Aki also alternates with her personality, going from a stuck up snob to more vulnerable moments when she and Masamune are alone. However, Aki also doesn’t take any of Masamune’s junk and Morgan creates a wonderful foli against Josh. She matches him beat for beat which makes their relationship all the more engaging and believable. At some point, the audience might even start to want them to fall for each other.

The rest of the cast, while very well performed, falls more to the comedic side.This is unfortunate since most of them seem to just play against Aki or Masamune for some kind of punch line. The jokes are mainly well done and that’s good, but it would be nice to see these characters expanded on a little more along with Aki and Masamune.

Masamune-kun-no-Revenge-03-23This is perhaps the strongest cast out of any of the simuldubs that premiered this season. It was expectant that a show like this would receive such a strong cast and well directed script. It’s different kind of romantic comedy, but the incredibly strong leads make for an interesting couple that, in their own strange way, make a perfect pair.

Masamune-Kun’s Revenge airs Monday nights at 9:30pm on Funimation Now.


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